About Cellevate


We provide access to a new dimension of upstream bioprocessing for better, faster and more sustainable biopharmaceuticals at lower cost. 


We are on a mission to re-invent upstream bioprocessing from R&D to large scale manufacturing, through a one scalable and versatile nanotechnology platform: Cellevat3d™.

Core values

We are Champions

We are champions of a better way in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, challenging the status quo and legacy technology to lead the way in next dimension upstream bioprocessing.

We are Experts

We are experts, combining cutting-edge expertise in bioprocess engineering with nanotechnology to create an unparalleled product platform: Cellevat3d™.

We strive for a sustainable future

We strive for a more sustainable future by revolutionizing biopharmaceutical manufacturing to reduce costs, increase yields and give everyone the opportunity to live a better, healthier life. 

We pursue perfection

We pursue perfection and professionalism in everything we do – from commercial product quality to customer service and research partnerships – to create greater value for our customers now and in the future.

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